Major Book Donations

The Centre for Irish Studies has been the recipient of several major book donations in recent years. These include over 200 books on Celtic philology, literatures, archeology and studies which are available at the Jan Palach Central Library.

The volumes are shelfmarked as follows: 139 Keltské jazyky a literatury; 139.11 Stará irština a staroirská literatura; 139.12 Moderní irština a irská literatura; 139.2 Skotská gaelština; 139.3 Velština; 139.4 Bretonština; 139.5 Kornština; 139.6 Manština.

The Jan Palach Central Library also houses a complete edition of the Irish literature journal Irish University Review.

Other resources on the Irish language and literature are located in the library of English and American Studies at the Faculty of Arts, where you will find also other precious resources, such as the journal The Bell.

We are extremely grateful to the donors of these priceless publications, particularly Mike Stoddart, Věra Čapková, Joseph McMinn, Kathleen Shields, and the families of the late Conn R. Ó Cléirigh, Próinséas Ní Chatháin, and Heinz Pfeiffer.

We are hopeful that these volumes and periodicals will bring pleasure to all students and enthusiasts with an interest in Celtic languages and cultures.

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