Major ongoing projects run by the Centre for Irish Studies include an extensive bibliography on Czech-Irish Relations. In order to facilitate easier research, all Irish-interest books housed in our library have been arranged in an electronic catalogue. Also available online from the site of the Centre for Irish Studies is METRE: A Magazine of Poetry, a database of articles and poems from the Irish journal edited by Justin Quinn & David Wheatley, and the online international journal Hypermedia Joyce Studies.

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Work with theatre groups, publishers and the media

As part of their focus on Irish theatre, the Centre’s members have been participating on a regular basis in Irish drama productions in the Czech Republic. So far, the cooperation has included plays by J.M. Synge, Brian Friel, Martin McDonagh, Marina Carr, Enda Walsh and Mark O’Rowe produced by prominent theatres in Prague and other cities, with the Centre’s staff serving as translators and/or dramaturges (Ondřej Pilný) or advisers (Ondřej Pilný, Clare Wallace).

Staff members and postgraduate students have produced a number of Czech translations of Irish fiction and poetry, both from English and Irish (Daniela Theinová, Radvan Markus, Ondřej Pilný, Martin Světlík). Alternately, they have translated the work of Czech poets into English (Justin Quinn). All work on a regular basis as consultants for Irish literature translations into Czech.

The Centre also participates in and offers advisory work for media projects on Ireland and Czech-Irish relations. Recent cooperation has included a TG4 documentary on the Irish Language in Prague, Czech TV documentary on early Irish Christianity, radio programmes on Seamus Heaney, J.M. Synge and Karel Mušek, modern Irish writing, Celticism, “Celtic Music”, Irish drama in translation and Irish Studies in the Czech Republic (Czech Radio, RTÉ, BBC), and articles on aspects of Irish culture and history in major dailies, as well as popular magazines.

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