Irish Theatre and Central Europe

11th Annual Irish Theatrical Diaspora Conference

Centre for Irish Studies, Charles University, Prague

12-13 September 2014

The conference aimed to discuss the relations between theatre in Ireland and a broadly defined region of Central Europe. Principal themes included the reception of Irish theatre and drama in Central Europe; theatre and drama from Central Europe on Irish stages; links between theatres, playwrights and practitioners from the respective geographical areas; the history, practice and politics of drama translation.

Plenary Speakers

Małgorzata Semil (Warsaw)

Michael Raab (Frankfurt a.M.)

László Upor (Budapest)

Tilman Raabke (Oberhausen)

The conference was supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ireland, the “Programme for the Development of Research Areas at Charles University, P09, Literature and Art in Intercultural Relations, Sub-Programme Transformations of the Cultural History of the Anglophone Countries: Identities, Periods, Canons”, and the Centre for Irish Studies.

Organizing Committee

Nicholas Grene (TCD), Patrick Lonergan (NUI Galway), Ondřej Pilný (Charles University), Clare Wallace (Charles University)

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